HibuRan HaTi

…kata-kata ikhlas cik ct..

the unsaid

sama ngan title blog milik my fren cik anom..”the unsaid things”

jujur..i have many things. banyak cerita2..luahan hati.. many “nayami”..that i need to share..need to share with someone..the unsaid things..unable to said it to anyone..tak ingin rumitkan keadaan ..


 i’m unable to trust anyone..takut ..bila luahkan ..akan sampai-menyampai ..make things worst..

would like to add in my 2009 wish list..

” i’m wishing and hoping .. in 2009 ..that i will be brave enough to say the unsaid things..”


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  Rozie wrote @

Ne ne.. sabar la.. I’m all ears if u need a fren… sorry la klu aku ada buat ko tersinggung k? huhuh.. *mintak maaf dulu..just in case..hheheeh*

Happy New Year 2 u 2… 😉

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